About Me

I am a software developer and researcher with a particular interest in programming language theory, compilers, and static program analysis. I am currently working as a software developer in the HotSpot compiler team at Oracle.

Work Experience

Oracle Stockholm

Senior Member of Technical Staff September 2023 –

I am working as a software developer in the HotSpot JVM compiler team.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Research Engineer March 2023 – August 2023

Continuation of my work as a doctoral student (see below).

KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Doctoral Student July 2017 – March 2023

I did research in probabilistic programming, an interdisciplinary field with influences from computer science, probability theory, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. I focused on developing mathematical foundations and efficient compilers for probabilistic programming languages.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Teaching Assistant September 2014 – March 2017

I worked as a teaching assistant in multiple courses (see Teaching).

SICS Swedish ICT Stockholm

Researcher June 2016 – February 2017

I worked with the Unison project: a code generator using a combined constraint model of register allocation and instruction scheduling to generate potentially optimal code. My task was to update the target description of a processor to the most recent version within the project.

My Academy Stockholm

Study Coach May 2013 – May 2016

I assisted high school students with mathematics and related topics during the semesters.

Designingenjörerna Stockholm

Software Developer June 2015 – August 2015

I worked as a front-end Android and back-end PHP developer.

Designingenjörerna Stockholm

Software Developer June 2014 – August 2014

I worked with both front-end and back-end web development in JavaScript and PHP.


KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Doctor of Philosophy (Teknologie doktor) 2017 – 2023

Doctoral thesis in Information and Communication Technology with specialization in Software and Computer Systems (see theses). My main supervisor was David Broman.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Master of Science 2015 – 2017

Master of Science in Engineering (Civilingenjör) 2012 – 2017

Bachelor of Science 2012 – 2015

Degree Programme in Computer Science and Engineering (Datateknik).


European Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EAPLS)

ETAPS Best Paper Award 2023

European Symposium on Programming (ESOP)

Distinguished Artifact Award 2022


KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Course Responsible for IS1200 Computer Hardware Engineering Spring 2021

I was in charge of the overall planning and execution of one course round (approximately 200 students). I also gave two lectures.

Teacher in IS1200 Computer Hardware Engineering

Teacher in IS1500 Computer Organization and Components August 2017 – Spring 2022

I was a core member of the teaching team, and my tasks included exercises, seminars, labs, examination, and a few lectures.

Teaching Assistant in DD1361 Programming Paradigms

Teaching Assistant in DD2395 Computer Security

Teaching Assistant in DD1368 Database Technology September 2014 – March 2017

I worked as a teaching assistant at lab sessions. The main task was to help and examine students.

Commissions of Trust (Förtroendeuppdrag)

HSB Bostadsrättsförening Östra Polhem 4:2 Järfälla

Board Member (Styrelseledamot) 2020 –

KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Doctoral Student Representative in the ICT Doctoral Program Council 2018 – 2022

Program Committees and Reviewing Assignments


Program Committee Member 2021


Reviewer 2021

Conference and Journal Articles

  • Daniel Lundén, Gizem Çaylak, Fredrik Ronquist, David Broman. Automatic Alignment in Higher-Order Probabilistic Programming Languages. ESOP 2023. EAPLS Best Paper Award. [ SpringerLink | PDF | arXiv (extended) | PDF (extended) ]
  • Daniel Lundén, Joey Öhman, Jan Kudlicka, Viktor Senderov, Fredrik Ronquist, David Broman. Compiling Universal Probabilistic Programming Languages with Efficient Parallel Sequential Monte Carlo Inference. ESOP 2022. Distinguished Artifact Award. [ SpringerLink | PDF | arXiv (extended) | PDF (extended) ]
  • Daniel Lundén, Johannes Borgström, and David Broman. Correctness of Sequential Monte Carlo Inference for Probabilistic Programming Languages. ESOP 2021. [ SpringerLink | PDF | arXiv (extended) | PDF (extended) ]
  • Fredrik Ronquist, Jan Kudlicka, Viktor Senderov, Johannes Borgström, Nicolas Lartillot, Daniel Lundén, Lawrence Murray, Thomas B. Schön, and David Broman. Universal probabilistic programming offers a powerful approach to statistical phylogenetics. In Communications Biology 4. 2021. [ Nature | bioRxiv | PDF ]
  • Lawrence M. Murray, Daniel Lundén, Jan Kudlicka, David Broman, and Thomas Schön. Delayed Sampling and Automatic Rao-Blackwellization of Probabilistic Programs. In Proceedings of the Twenty-First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics. AISTATS 2018. [ AISTATS | PDF ]


  • Daniel Lundén, Lars Hummelgren, Jan Kudlicka, Oscar Eriksson, and David Broman. Suspension Analysis and Selective Continuation-Passing Style for Higher-Order Probabilistic Programming Languages. 2023. [ arXiv | PDF ]


  • Daniel Lundén. Correct and Efficient Monte Carlo Inference for Universal Probabilistic Programming Languages. Doctoral thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 2023. [ DiVA | PDF | Errata ]
  • Daniel Lundén. Delayed Sampling in the Probabilistic Programming Language Anglican. Master's thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 2017. [ DiVA | PDF ]
  • Erik Forsblom, Daniel Lundén. Factoring Integers with Parallel SAT Solvers. Bachelor’s thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 2015. [ DiVA | PDF ]

Workshop Extended Abstracts

  • Daniel Lundén, Joey Öhman, David Broman. Compilation of Universal Probabilistic Programs to GPGPUs. PROBPROG 2020. [ PROBPROG | PDF | Poster ]
  • Daniel Lundén, David Broman, Fredrik Ronquist, and Lawrence M. Murray. Automatic Discovery of Static Structures in Probabilistic Programs. PROBPROG 2018. [ PROBPROG | PDF | Poster ]
  • Daniel Lundén, David Broman, and Lawrence M. Murray. Combining Static and Dynamic Optimizations Using Closed-Form Solutions. PPS 2018. [ PPS | PDF | Poster ]